March 18, 2022

Medical marijuana use may result in the rapid onset of cannabis use disorder.

Obtaining a medical marijuana card (MMC) to use cannabis products to treat pain, anxiety, or depression symptoms resulted in the onset of cannabis use disorder (CUD) []
January 17, 2022

Can CBD and cannabis products help with acne and psoriasis? Dermatologists advise buyers to be cautious.

(HealthDay)— Many people are turning to CBD or cannabis products to treat skin conditions such as acne or rosacea, but researchers warn that research on their []
December 27, 2021

According to research, medicinal cannabis products can help with depression and improve overall quality of life.

A group of researchers from various institutions in the United States discovered evidence that medicinal cannabis products relieve depression and improve quality of life. The group []
September 27, 2021

Packaging and health warnings are critical in discouraging youth use of cannabis.

As more countries consider legalizing non-medical cannabis, new research suggests that prominent health warnings and less appealing packaging should be required to reduce the appeal of []
September 8, 2021

Is medical marijuana an effective treatment for childhood epilepsy?

Following media reports of children with epilepsy allegedly benefiting from medical marijuana (or cannabis-based medicinal products) obtained abroad, the UK government granted clinicians the authority to []
June 12, 2021

Cannabis intoxication and accidental ingestion rates in young children rise after legalization, according to a new study.

Following the drug’s legalization in Canada, there has been a significant increase in the number of children admitted to intensive care for unintentional cannabis poisonings. In []
April 19, 2021

Medical cannabis can alleviate essential tremor by activating previously unnoticed cells in the central nervous system.

Medical cannabis is a hotly debated topic. There is still much we don’t know about cannabis, but researchers from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences’ []
April 2, 2021

More than half of Parkinson’s disease patients who use cannabis report clinical benefits.

With the legalization of medicinal cannabis in many parts of the world, there is growing interest in its use to treat symptoms of a variety of []
March 4, 2021

According to one study, using cannabis while trying to conceive may reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Reproduction in Humans According to a study conducted by researchers at the National Institutes of Health, women who use marijuana may have a more difficult time []